This weeks menu  - all mains £6 or 2 for £10


Pork Casserole with thyme and white wine - a light dish for this mild but miserable weather!


Chicken curry with sweet potato and peppers - medium spiced, lots of flavour.


Roast veg casserole in a tomato sauce with garlic and herbs.  



Coming soon..... 


Beef stew with herby dumplings - a very hearty dish full of flavour.  Bags of veggies! 


Hunters Chicken Stew - or Chicken Cacciatore for those Italians amongst us.  Chicken thigh meat, anchovies, garlic olives and tomatoes slow cooked with chianti - absolutely delicious! 


Jamaican Pork Curry - a jamaican classic.  Pork slow cooked with peppers, olives, potatoes, fresh herbs, chilli and ginger.  Best sserved with a squuze of fresh lime and basmati rice.  


Root veg bake with a breadcrumb and parmesan crumb topping.  This works well as a side dish for the Hunters chicken.. 

Side Dishes


 Basmati rice £2

Roasties  £2